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Updated: Apr 14, 2018

McCarthy Alaska 1994

This would be the ideal place to start, the beginning... once upon a time two adventurous souls found a place that called to them. A wild, untamed wilderness that they would carve their own corner of in the last frontier.

I had my bright shiny new college degree in business administration with concentrations in hospitality management and international business just waiting to be put to use. Michael had an artistic knack for building and creating and together we built a full life in one of the most remote corners of the country.

Originally we met in Fairbanks, though we both knew that we preferred to live in a more rural location. We had the burning desire to build our own adventure tourism business somewhere that was up and coming. Michael took me to one of his favorite fishing spots, that just happened to be the gateway to a new national park, and I was hooked. One night in Chitina, Alaska and I knew it was a perfect fit for us.

A few local inquiries regarding land for sale and we found our long time friends the Alleys. They showed us the parcels they had available, we walked the land and found the perfect spot. There is more to the story about the plot we chose, though that is for another time and blog entry. The sale took place on a handshake, we promised to return the next week with cash in hand for the down payment and they would carry the balance payable in monthly installments. Something that would be unheard of in this day and age. To tell you the truth I think what convinced them to sell us this property, was that their little dog Holly loved my husband, who reminded them very much of their son who had passed away tragically. This too is part of the tale for another time.

We were now the proud owners of 5.69 acres of raw land, with a gorgeous mountain stream running through the property and 900 feet of road frontage, perfect for a tourism related business.

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