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Michael and I began renting our first cabin in May 1996. We soon discovered the experience we offered was a perfect fit for European Adventure travelers. One of the most heartwarming experience for our family is to read through our guestbook entries.

Following are a couple of our favorites:

"You Can See It,

You Can Hear It,

You Can Feel It!

We could never even dream about a place like this surrounded by fantastic beauty!

Here, the sounds of native melodies join the wind in its everlasting song.

And here, in this welcoming home is the kind of soul of Alaska.

We are sure no one left this place without carrying a piece of its warmth in one's heart...neither did we. Thank you for making our trip memorable! "

Olga (Russia) Alandar (India)

Alaska - The Way It Used To Be

Alaska - The Way It Should Be

Dear Kris, Michael and Niish,

Thank you so much for you’re hospitality. It is hard to put in to words how much we loved it here, but it sure felt like we were family!

Swen, Wolfgang (Aschaffenburg, Germany)

For all 3, you have made our trip to Alaska unique, the cabins, the food, the stories, but most of all the inspiration of you’re lives. You guys seem like you found what life was all about. We sincerely hope to see you again. I don't think we will be able to five the same experience, but you always have a home to stay in should you visit us. You are all very courageous, and wish you the best for all you’re projects.

Till next time, much love and thank you,

Virginie & Keith (Paris, France)

We came just looking for a warm and dry bed after a few days in the backcountry but have found so much more.... There may be nothing to add about this cozy cabin where every detail is just perfect. We have found great hospitality among Alaskans, but Kris and Michaels is exceeding everything by far. Thank you so much for the eye opening about the spirit of freedom and living with the nature, something we are forgetting while being so proud about our western "civilization".

We wish you all the best, good luck and keep on going. Looking forward to another time, either in Chitina or in Germany.

Jana and Karsten (Dresden, Germany)

Thank you so much for this experience!! For the opportunity to live like this!

We are going to try to translate from Catalan to English: Never, Never we couldn't imagine to to finish our holiday in a place like this. It is incredible! As someone else has written, we can feel all the love in all things you have made. It is the perfect place that we never could imagine. Thank you very very very muchhh! For this this special night!! With Love,

Luis & Cristina (Barcelona, Spain)

What a stay!

Peace and Calm!

Thank you for what you shared with us, you’re hospitality and you’re lives. La Force Tranquille

This is what comes to me when I experienced this precious environment.

Many thanks,

Nane & Thibauld (France)

It is hard to express all the emotions we feel after our short time here. We are grateful for all the wonder of this place and the beautiful cabins and surroundings, the wonderful meals. (how are we able to still enjoy salmon in the future after fresh from the river) The depth of the sharing. Thank you so much for you’re honesty and genuine sharing. We will think of you and we wish you all the best for the future wherever you are. We hope to be able to meet you again in the future, maybe in France? We wish you mostly peace of heart that surpases understanding, a sense of fulfillment and unconditional love.

We feel it has been an immense privilege and blessing to have been here and met you, we are sad to leave. With lots of gratitude...

Louis & Anne (Lyon, France)

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