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Hard Labor

One of the most rewarding parts of designing and building our home and business was the sheer hard work that was involved. Michael and I sat down and drew out our house and cabin plans on old fashion graph paper. Remember this was long before all the great new computer programs and apps available today. Once our plans were drafted we calculated the lineal feet of 8" tongue and groove logs that we would need. The logs were delivered and the hard work began.

In the photo above our friend Bobby was applying a protective coat to the base logs on our home/shop building. If I remember correctly I was peeling the bark from the 18" base logs.

While our property is on solid gravel, we chose as many do in Alaska, to build above ground. We hand poured cement foundation pads and then laid the treated 18" foundation timbers on the pads. We were highly cognizant of the extreme temperatures and built accordingly. Our floors are constructed of solid 2 inch 2"x6" spruce boards. Below the floor boards we have a layer of 2" solid foam boards and then regular fiber glass insulation. The floors are capped below with 1/2" plywood. The roof is insulated in the same manner. With solid 8" log walls our beautiful log cabins are nice and cool in the summer months, which can reach well into the 80 degree range and very warm in the winter months which can reach below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is something incredibly special living in a home that you created. The connection felt after touching each board multiple times over the construction is significant. Every time we look out our kitchen window at the waterfall across the mountain, or out the window built quite literally into our bed at the mountain range, it is heart warming.

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