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One shovel at a time...

Building one shovel at a time...

Amazing things happen one step at a time. Property purchased, check. 1968 Airstream trailer abode, check. No heavy equipment, no problem. A chain saw, gas weed eater and a shovel did the job nicely. We cleared a spot for our truck and trailer by hand, an incredibly rewarding experience all in all.

The couple we purchased our property from had a dump truck and offered to help build the driveway. A little hard work setting the culvert in place and we were ready. The next day Roy dropped our first of many loads of gravel to get us to the other side.

We discovered a local religious community in Kenny Lake who had a small saw mill operation. After gathering a price quote for our 20x40 main cabin and two guest cabins, we submitted a business plan and funding proposal to the Alaska Village Initiative. We were extremely fortunate to be awarded a low interest loan to cover the cost of the materials.

After receiving our funding notice we quickly set about clearing the house/store site along the creek. Roy delivered several loads of gravel for the pad. SAPA Christian Community delivered our log packages soon after and we were off and running.

Having grown up in a fairly well to do family in Minnesota with all the modern comforts, living in the wilderness in a trailer was learning experience. An outhouse for a toilet, pour cup showers with water hauled from our stream, laundry by hand, it was all part of the adventure. The sense of accomplishment was a heady reward, as were the views! A waterfall across the road, sheep on the mountain side peering down on us. Eagles soaring overhead. Fresh Copper River Red Salmon for dinner as often as we wanted and Fresh caught Grayling for breakfast.

With the help of our friends we built a temporary garage structure around our airstream trailer, built a wood stove out of a 55 gallon drum, and were ready to settle in for our first winter.

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