The Copper River

          The Copper River is an Alaskan River 470 km (290 miles) long, flowing along the Wrangell Mountain Range to the Chugach Mountains and

          finally into the Gulf of Alaska. The Copper River is  commonly known around the globe for its rich salmon runs and copper deposits. The

          salmon from the river are considered some of the best in the world and highly sought after because of it.

Brief History


Chitina was originally know as Tsedi Na’ “Coper River” by the Native Ahtna Athabaskan people, then was later changed to “Chitina” by the English speaking settlers. The Copper River was and still is a main source for food for the Ahtna people, as it is rich in Salmon during the summer months. 


During the gold rush area, Chitina grew exponentially as the railroad was introduced. A railroad was constructed to access the rich Kennecott Copper Mines, and Chitina served as a booming gateway town. Chitina was large enough at one point that it almost rivaled Juneau in population. However, before World War I the main gold and copper deposits were depleted and there was a mass departure of all but a few residents, lending to its reputation as a ghost town. 

General Services:
“Power, Internet, Telephone”

          Copper Valley Telecom provides Cellular services for the region as well high speed fiber optic internet.

          Power is provided by Chitina Electric, Inc.


         Chitina does have a a post office that is open limited hours 6 days per week. 


         There are several options for k-12 schooling, provided by Copper River School District.

         The local public school, Kenny Lake School is a 25min Drive in a personal vehicle or a 45 min ride on the public school bus from Chitina.      

         Another option is the Glennallen School which is an 70 min drive from Chitina “no school bus available from Chitina to Glennallen”.

         The third option is the Upstream Learning Home School Program, the main office location is in Glennallen.

Employment Opportunities:  
Copper River Native Association

A regional tribal health organization that provides comprehensive health services for the entire region. Their primary departments include, Primary Care, Dental, Behavioral Health, Wellness, Pharmacy, Elders/Senior Program, Child and Youth Development and Community Services.  Check out their website for current openings.


Copper Valley Electric 

The local electric cooperative often has position openings


Copper River School District

The local school district is another large employer in the region.

State of Alaska

The State of Alaska has several divisions in our local area.  DOT, Fish and Game, State Parks, etc

Wrangell St Elias National Park 

          The National Park headquarters are located near Glennallen.

 Other Local Employers (Glennallen):  

         Division of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska State Troopers, Ahtna, Inc., Pipeline, etc. 

         The Copper River Basin is also a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the globe.  

         There are unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into.   


          The Copper Basin is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.  Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Skiing, Snowmobiling, ATV Trails, Nature Exploration, etc.